Steve Attardo is an interdisciplinary Art Director, Designer, and Photographer. Ninetynorth Design is his independent Design Studio.

Our portfolio ranges from Book Covers to Restaurant Branding. From Book Interiors to Music Packaging. The mission is to collaborate with excited, passionate, and hard working brands regardless of the industry.

With a wide range of design for print, we know the ins and outs of producing work you can touch. 

Our belief is that today, brands can't be one dimensional. A print presence is as important as a digital one. The digital one is as important as the print one. Authentic and exciting work knows no boundaries.

We love great books, good music, and delicious food. Exciting products, and unique shops. We love adventure, the outdoors, snow, sun, beaches, mountains, coffee, and cocktails. If you have a project that brings any of these things to our life, we would love to work with you! With a vast network of freelance talent, we can scale to fit your project's needs.

Let's work together! If you like what you see, give us a shout. If you're not quite sure we're right for you, say hello anyway and let's talk. We may have some work we can't post that fits your needs.

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